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ISR Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance


MD-RSTA Integrated Security Systems 

With adaptable and scalable Base Security System Solution, MD-RSTA can provide customers cost and performance effective solutions in a short time. After a comprehensive search and analysis of the concerned border, MD-RSTA’s system solution can be adapted to the border based on geographical conditions, threat’s properties and customer’s needs. MD-RSTA combines of-the-shelf products of Security Management Systems, Sensors, Communication Systems and Response Systems with the experience and capabilities on fields ranging from design, development, engineering, and manufacturing to production and integration of multidisciplinary systems in order to provide a complete and consistent Border Security solution.

MD-RSTA proposes an integrated Base Security System Solution to detect, identify and track threats in the concerned border area by the support of security management systems and state-ofthe-art sensor technologies including Radars, Electro-Optics, Acoustic Sensors and Manned/Unmanned Reconnaissance and Surveillance Systems on 7 / 24 / 365 basis.

MD-RSTA Base Security System generates and disseminates accurate, coherent and real time information to maintain situational awareness and supports Border Supervisors in decision making.

MD-RSTA Base Security System includes some mobile units such as integrated sensor vehicles and autonomous unmanned systems that can be transferred to the required locations to perform reconnaissance and surveillance missions.

The most powerful property of MD-RSTA Base Security System is its adaptability and modularity which enable system to be reconfigured to meet the requirements of each customer’s border security mission.

Moreover, MD-RSTA Base Security System can work together with existing security systems of the customer so that interoperability of systems can be achieved.

Base Security approach is formed by the following systems:

- Security Management Systems process information,

- support decision making and guide response actions.

- Sensor Systems directly gather comprehensive

- information from the field.

- Communication Infrastructure provides data, voice

- and video communications among Sensors, Security

- Management Centers and Response Systems.

- Response Systems act against the asymmetric threats in

- coordination with Security Management Systems.

- System Capabilities

- Operational Capabilities

- Effective User Interface

- Detection / Identification / Tracking

- Information Transfer and Fusion

- Information Management

- Situational Awareness

- Decision Support

- Coordination of Response Units

- Recording and Replay

- Progress Monitoring

- External System Interfaces

- Training Capabilities

- Simulation Based Training

- Maintenance Capabilities

- Continuous and Initiated Built in Test (CBIT & IBIT)

- Maintenance System