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We invent technologies that contribute to change events

We design and produce our intelligent technologies of standalone systems that serve the needs of agencies of aviation, defense, intelligence, national security, counterterrorism, critical infrastructure, energy, oil, electricity, transportation, environment, migration and we focus on technologies that contribute to stability and complete security.

MD invent through a team of talented experts, engineers and scientists in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and they form a group of disciplines that enable us to have deep knowledge and analytical understanding to support our work and partners within a wide and renewed scope.

We design and produce several technologies, including the Unmanned aircraft, general aviation aircraft, aerospace systems, devices for early warning, monitoring solutions, acquisition and tracking remotely, special controllers and its electronic items, information technology systems, embedded software, cyber security solutions, renewable energy systems, autonomous systems, security printing technologies, microwave technologies, residential units provide independent living environment to survive with disasters, climate change and human displacement technologies, as we work in our facilities working continuously 24 hours / 7 days to analyze and study the complex challenges in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and all the important zones, migration and humanitarian areas of displacement due to terrorism and conflicts.

As the global defense scene changes, our knowledge changes as we evolve into smart systems that are smaller, more flexible, technologically advanced and compatible with users and operators who require excellence and change in continuously. We are developing strong technology in systems engineering, modeling and simulation, acquisition strategy, computer science, Cybersecurity, embedded software development, signal processing, sensor technologies, technology for mutual magnetic impact analysis on objects, and micro-gravity control authority.

We design and manufacture everything within our field of work, as well as MD able to train the talented people and prepare them to work in all industrial and engineering disciplines for localizing the industry and its services and creating professional teams.