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Beyond the knowledge

We are Experts for challenging and to overpower any type of small and attrition wars by invent and produce a smart systems and solutions custom-made for a certain task. Our solutions are not only to feel you are in safe, it can create really secured environment to get you out of the cycle of attrition and threat. We completed more than 100 years of involvement in dealing with several types of conflicts and wars in the Middle East and other regions.  We are a solution created by the reality. We have deep knowledge and High-skills in manufacturing, Designing, consulting, technology and innovation, that allows us to challenge the conventional thinking and deliver exceptional results that have a lasting impact on businesses, governments and communities worldwide. The customers choose us, because, we can challenge the agreement and find the best solutions to their needs, we can turn the project approach and make it really work in practice and not only on paper. At needed, we roll up our jackets and get the task done, we are a team of experts who have real talents, responsibility and ability to continually develop themselves, therefore we can direct your business to the top.


Our Skilled services are provided to our customers within four stages:

1)    Case study and accurate diagnosis with evaluation.

2)    Provide appropriate and applicable solutions on the ground in all its forms.


3)    Support our customers to start the tactical accurate evaluation work (For example): within the field presence we will operate the RSTA solutions, protecting vast, remote borders, shorelines, and forward-operating bases requires speed, mobility and flexibility. Maximizing the power of a limited number of personnel is also critical. It a full-sized commercial pickup into a rapidly deployable command and control center. With radar and EO/IR cameras mounted to its mast, the vehicle can provide efficient surveillance coverage throughout your mission to guard against smuggling, terrorism, and illegal immigration, day and night. The RSTA system will scheming a border monitoring solution first implies a thorough analysis of customer needs and field configuration, to Identify which types of threats are involved, trafficking, terrorism, illegal immigration. Identify tactics used by targeted individuals to cross borders. Scan the field. the tactical work can help to choose the most appropriate static equipment for each site.


4)    Support our customers to start to build a custom-made (For example): static border surveillance systems solution, we will start from the specifics of the system’s structure, then go into the technical configuration, how the different components are to be integrated, sensors, transmission modes, data processing centers, software tools, the components themselves, the technology we are designed of the multi-sensor cameras, drones, smart data processing tools, the human training program, the division of tasks between operators and the definition of intervention procedures. the system performance in field monitoring is based on, reliable equipment, integration expertise, efficient training, smart data processing, the automating and the detection and assessment of threats, and enabling a better targeting of field interventions. Border areas are thus covered in a complete, efficient and centralized way. For States, the benefit is considerable, well-controlled borders imply a higher level of protection for populations, anticipation and neutralization of terrorist risks, containment of trafficking and illegal immigration. and avoiding the small wars and attrition wars.

We are Professionals in the designing and manufacturing solutions and systems in the sectors of, aerospace, defence and security, renewable energy, government systems, sciences, transport and logistics systems, smart construction, standalone infrastructure systems. In parallel with manufacturing, consulting, designing and innovation. We provide our customers with the insight they need to overcome their biggest challenges and help them to succeed, and we have collected experience for more than Century and we are keen to develop it continually. we perform our work by accompanying with the military missions of our customers once they are using our systems in battlefields, we are gathering the opinions and data needed to give a clear picture and ready solutions to the most important issues. We are a well-known team of expert's industrial innovators. We provide combat and tactical solutions for small wars and attrition wars, in addition we provide solutions for the reconstruction regarding to the war damage on the buildings and infrastructure, and we will leave the sites once be better than before, within record times. We innovate and design all the solutions that achieve the stability of society and superiority over the enemy, our presence on the battlefields to challenge the terrorism and extremism and to protect societies, which requires us to be in a dangerous environment, which cost us a lot of sacrifices.

These wars arise from the imbalances and extremism of the society, poverty, lack of educational opportunities, rising costs of living, absence of family and other causes. The damages of these wars will exacerbate when you confront it as a conventional war, the cities can destroy, the inhabitants will be displaced, in front of eliminate terrorism, the result is the displacement of a society consisting of millions of people to eliminate thousands of terrorists. Attrition warfare is a military strategy consisting of belligerent attempts to win a war by wearing down the enemy to the point of collapse through continuous losses in personnel and materiel.


We are working very hard to create solutions that change the world around us within the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Our solutions, that help our lives be protected against terrorism, corruption and challenges that leads to depriving us of living in peace, what is more, conflicts and wars deprive us from development and progress.


Our Main Systems (All-electric Aircraft and systems with Hybrid solutions) (Patented)


·        Reconnaissance, Surveillance, and Target Acquisition Vehicles (RSTA) (Forward Observation)

·        Mast Detection System (Local Observation & Protection)

·        Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft (ISR) (VTOL-FW) (manned/unmanned)   

·        Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance aircraft (ISR) (VTOL-MR) (manned/unmanned)

·        Intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance segment (ISR) (land, Naval, Airborne)

·        Cargo & Passengers Transportation multirole-aircraft (manned/unmanned)  

·        Submersible multirole-aircraft (manned/unmanned)    

·        Atmospheric water generating Firefighting systems (manned/unmanned)  

·        Amphibious Multirole platform Vehicles (manned/unmanned)  

·        Training and Simulations Systems, Segments & Platforms (land, Naval, Airborne)

·        Stand-alone airbases and camps solutions (running by renewable energy)

·        Automated construction systems solutions

·        Automated Handling systems solutions