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Innovations in Samaraee MD’s family was founded in Baghdad, within the Ottoman authority, in Mesopotamia, started since 1911 and continued as a nonprofit Consortium of "Innovation specialists". to enhance national security, and counter all the threats targeted civil communities. … Samaraee MD’s family innovation roadmap, is essential for building a competitive advantage. It is a visual plan for how a Samaraee MD’s family will achieve an innovation strategy — outlining strategic goals, initiatives, and structured activities that will enable teams to drive and support. we can instruct the others how they life and business challenges can face by growing their innovation abilities. for the individual, families, and communities, and governments.

Innovation is vital in the workplace because it gives an edge in penetrating markets faster and provides a better connection to developing markets, which can lead to bigger opportunities, especially in rich countries. ... Innovation can also help develop original concepts while giving the innovator a proactive, confident attitude to take risks and get things done. ... When anyone has an innovative culture, it'll grow easily, despite the fact that the creative process isn't always simple. Tried-and-tested methods may be reliable, but trying out new things is a worthwhile experiment.

Beyond our knowledge, we are a family innovation consortium within a Global-corporates, continually creates innovative work environments, we are an innovations specialist. … In our consortium or in the family innovation corporates, Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee, is the Chief Innovation Officer (CINO), also a chairman of all the Samaraee scientific labs and Entities.

Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee (CINO) who is primarily responsible for managing the process of innovation in our organization, as well as being the person who “originates new ideas but also recognizes innovative ideas generated by other people – both internally and externally of our consortium. … Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee, as a (CINO), responsible for managing the innovation process inside the organization that identifies strategies, business opportunities and new technologies and then develops new capabilities and architectures with partners, new business models and new industry structures to serve those opportunities. The (CINO) should focus on breakthrough innovation, and managing an effective, transparent and efficient innovation process.

 The Industrial Revolution was the transition to new manufacturing processes in Great Britain, continental Europe, and the United States, that occurred during the period from around 1760 to about 1820–1840. This transition included going from hand production methods to machines, new chemical manufacturing and iron production processes, the increasing use of steam power and water power, the development of machine tools and the rise of the mechanized factory system. Output greatly increased, and a result was an unprecedented rise in population and in the rate of population growth.

There is a surprising thing about the foundation of MD’s that is often overlooked. Although, Dawood native family is a Hashemi (Abbasids), they live between Hijaz and part of them in Iraq - (Samarra), he was actually (Iraqi citizen) born, in 1890. Hailing from Baghdad, the young Dawood first entered the Armaments making industry since 1911, while working in The Mesopotamian campaign was a campaign in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I fought, Dawood 's served under the authority of the Ottoman Empire till the end of 1916 as a (officer), lieutenant, and first lieutenant, within 6 years.

The Seaplane, created in 1911, the seaplane an important role in the military and even have some commercial applications. Curtiss, the plane was the first of its kind. It was the first amphibian type of airplane equipped with wheels and floats.

World War I or the First World War, often abbreviated as WWI or WW1, and referred to by some Anglophone authors as the "Great War" or the "War to End All Wars", was a global conflict which lasted from 1914 to 1918, and is considered one of the deadliest conflicts in history. Belligerents included much of Europe, the Russian Empire, the United States, and the Ottoman Empire, with fighting occurring throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Pacific, and parts of Asia. An estimated 9 million soldiers were killed in combat, plus another 23 million wounded, while 5 million civilians died as a result of military action, hunger, and disease. Millions more died in genocides within the Ottoman Empire and in the 1918 influenza pandemic, which was exacerbated by the movement of combatants during the war.

Innovations Roadmap

1911– 1920


-        The innovation in Samaraee family was founded within the ottoman’s authority, in Mesopotamia, since 1911. Our grandfather (Dawood Al Samaraee) started his job as an "Innovation specialist".


-        The siege of Kut Al Amara (7 December 1915 – 29 April 1916), also known as the first battle of Kut, was the besieging of an 8,000 strong British Army garrison in the town of Kut, 160 kilometers (100 mi) south of Baghdad, by the Ottoman Army. In 1915, its population was around 6,500. Our grandfather (Dawood Alsamaraee) participated with the Ottoman army and had a large and influential role. As he was - at such a young age - sensitive to the issues of his people and the aspirations of his nation. When the First World War was declared, and the British army marched to occupy Iraq, our grandfather, (Dawood Alsamaraee) Al-Hashemi, joined the ranks of the Iraqi who confronted these new invaders. He did well in the famous siege of Kut, where the army commander (Townshend) surrendered after a siege that lasted about five months, during which the English could not escape from this siege, despite the many militaries supplies they provided to save them, as our grandfather, (Dawood Alsamaraee) was Among the warriors who captured this commander (Townshend) and handed him over to the Turkish commander Khalil Pasha. … Linked to the document (1).

1921 – 1979

-        On July 16, 1921, the British High Commissioner, Sir Percy Cox, announced the Iraqi Cabinet’s decision to call Prince Faisal King of Iraq under a constitutional representative government. King Faisal was crowned King of Iraq in the name of King Faisal I after a vote in which he obtained 96% of the council’s votes. ... King Faisal continued for 13 years as a crowned King of Iraq. ... King Faisal was died on September 8, 1933 (age 50); Bern, Switzerland. ...accompanies him throughout the reign, (Dawood Alsamaraee). ... King Faisal, he selected (Dawood Alsamaraee), to be responsible as chief-mechanic and supervisor for the royal court cars, trucks and machines. At the same time, he appointed him as his personal escort and chauffeur. … Also, later on, to be responsible as supervisor for the private small royal plane. ... A Chief-mechanic and supervisor responsibility, to writes repair orders, scheduling vehicles for repairs and preventative maintenance program. Performs mechanical and electrical work, tune-ups, engine overhauls, repairs and replaces clutches, brakes, etc. Orders vehicle parts, in addition to the supervision tasks. ... Linked to the document (3).

1980 – 1989     

-        The Intrapersonal skills, was discovered since 1980, in Muayad al-Samaraee personality and ability. ... The intrapersonal skills, which is include attributes such as planfulness, self-discipline, delay of gratification, the ability to deal with and overcome distractions, and the ability to adjust one's strategy or approach as needed. also, the scientific ability as an inventor, art painter, pilot, evaluator, and more. … There is a great similarity in the ability of innovation and perseverance in work between the Muayad al-Samaraee and his grandfather, Dawood al-Samaraee.

1990 - 2000    


The era of the personal computer, the microprocessors revolution of the 1990s. … On that time, Muayad Alsamaraee an Innovation specialist. Dawood Alsamaraee family since 1911 sounds like a colossal, slow and inflexible dinosaurs live and work together to creates a mega, entrepreneurial ventures Work environment. ...  Muayad Alsamaraee family, since 1990, sounds like a Pterosaurs, fast, flexible and live and work together to creates a mega-invention. ... A Digital-Innovation is important in Muayad S. Dawood Alsamaraee family; a digital-Innovation is an urgent choice in order to adapt to the current market environment and achieve further development.

2001 – 2020

 (JAI) Jordan Aerospace Industries (LLC), its registration capital is US $ 7 million, equal to JD 5 million, and A in kind capital, to issue 3 type certificates amounting to US $ 44 million for the cost of aircraft designs converted to a globally licensed product. Another US $ 300 million can also be assessed by international companies about the cost of technology, patents, trademarks, intellectual property, excellence in aircraft manufacturing for the US militaryand the design of the VTOL Submersible aircraftwhich was adopted by the MarinesHer will is high and can still be done at any time).

2013  – 2027


-        Since 2013, MD Aerospace, or Muayad al-Samaraee has taken upon himself the establishment of an innovation program for (15 years) for the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) is a plan to develop a family of military helicopters for the Armed Forces. different sizes of aircraft are to be developed, sharing common hardware such as sensors, avionics, engines, and countermeasures. The Army has been started this program since 2012. ... The US Army insists there is a need to field new aircraft and begin retiring legacy systems by 2030 because G20s countries will not slowing their own technological developments. The service says it needs aircraft capable of flying faster and at much longer ranges to effectively operate in theaters worldwide. … Breakthrough Submersible VTOL Aircraft, ... MD Aerospace, a consortium group of aerospace and defense companies based in Jordan and owned by CEO Muayad S. Dawood Al-Samaraee, has announced that MD Aerospace has achieved a breakthrough invention to create the world's first submersible VTOL aircraft known as Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Multi Rotor Submersible/Airplane. This aircraft uses an innovative movement control principle called aerodynamic - thrust marginal accurate control (AEROTMAC). ... This revolutionary invention is the first in its field. It features an aircraft module with multi-rotors in the form of shrouded-propellers that has the ability to fly and submerse. The vehicle will have the capability to be used manned or unmanned, with or without cargo, and will be able to take off from and land on both ground and water similar to conventional helicopters. The vehicle also has the ability to fly over water and submerse under water, moving and maneuvering until it reaches the shore. The invention solves many problems inherent in the different design criteria for flying and submersing vehicles.

2016 – 2022

-        Since 2016, Muayad al-Samaraee has taken upon himself the establishment of an innovation program for (5 years) to develop the technology of the embedded hybrid masonry. It is a mortarless masonry system using blocks that interlock to provide leveling and alignment. Though still uncommon, these systems could be used to construct strong, durable, and cost-effective buildings. ... terrorists ‘Tried to Destroy the Identity of Iraq' ... and Muayad Alsamaraee MD’s family, invented the technology which can return the time before Destroy the Identity of Iraq. and this technology can help the world to rebuild the archaeological sites. ... in addition to that this technology can help you when the situation you find yourself in requires immediate and long-term sheltering.



2017 – 2022

-        Playing chess against helps to develop humility in you?

The primary objective of chess is to capture your opponent's King while keeping your own well-guarded. When your King is trapped and cannot avoid capture, your opponent calls “checkmate” and the game is complete. … On the other hand, they teach us A win-win situation helps to develop humility in you. If you rely on others for your success, then it creates a sense of humbleness that enables you to find a mutual benefit situation. Win-win makes both parties feel satisfied because they believe that neither of them is a winner nor a loser. … Win-win sees life as a cooperative arena, not a competitive one. Win-win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions. Win-win means agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial and satisfying.  … Accordingly, it is outdated to develop our children's abilities in order to defeat their classmates.

2019 – 2023

Since 2017, Muayad al-Samaraee has taken upon himself the establishment of a innovation program for (5 years) to develop the technology of the. STEM toys are good for building cognitive skills. ... STEM toys can enrich children's developing cognitive skills, such as their logical reasoning, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking. STEM-related activities teach children more than just memorizing facts and figures. MD STEM standard more advanced than the “Lego STEM”. MD STEM can totally reflect the reality to teach everyone how to build your country. Within an accurate solution.


2019 - 2029

Since 2020, Muayad al-Samaraee has taken upon himself the establishment of an innovation program for (20 years) for biotechnology innovations. ... Evolutionary Biology Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, in-articulated needs, or existing scientific needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies, or ideas that are readily available to markets, governments and society.