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Humankind’s greatest ability is its ability to create and innovate to overcome obstacles and change the world around us.
Since the dawn of man, innovation has never stopped, constantly changing society for better or for worse, making our lives more efficient, eco-friendly, or even more entertaining.
The innovations made throughout the history of mankind have shaped who we are as a species and a society today and have weaved together like a giant scrapbook. They form a story that might as well be our timeline, and it is interesting to see how we came upon these innovations and how they have impacted society.

National security threats Counter, by Innovation:
Every nation faces threats. These threats can be social, such as aggression from a neighboring country, infiltration from a terrorist group or global economic trends that compromise the nation's welfare. In other cases, threats can be natural, such as hurricanes or viral pandemics. ... What poses the most strategically significant risk against the homeland, The bioterrorism poses the most strategically significant risk because of their potential consequences. 
We can invent all the solutions to protect your community against that. ... These marvels have all changed our world for the better, becoming more advanced, efficient, and thought-provoking for each one. Every time you see one of these innovations, think about the hard work gone into each one, and how it positively impacts your life now. Hopefully, you learn to appreciate the world more than you did before with your new insight. I know I did. ... You might be thinking, “What comes next?”
The world always seems like it’s getting darker, but these innovations are showing that people can live longer, happier, and healthier lives if we continue to advance technologically and as a society. Scientists and engineers will continue to innovate to help solve the world’s problems or improve on existing solutions. ... How do we keep innovating? By supporting and recognizing research programs specializing in anything, from IT to global health to agriculture. ... Let’s all work together, and make the world a better place for everyone.
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