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What is the Consortium Meaning in General?

A consortium is a group made up of two or more individuals, companies or governments that work together toward achieving a chosen objective. Entities participating in a consortium will pool resources but otherwise are only responsible to the group in respect to the obligations that are set out in the consortium's agreement. Therefore, every entity that is under the consortium remains independent about their normal business operations and has no say over another member's operations that are not related to the consortium. Example: One of the most famous for-profit consortiums is the airline manufacturer Airbus Industrie GIE, in which European aerospace manufacturers joined to produce and sell commercial aircraft. Illustrating the complexity of such an arrangement, the four partner companies in Airbus (British Aerospace, Aérospatiale, Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA and DASA) were simultaneously subcontractors to and shareholders of the consortium. This resulted in some conflicts of interest and inefficiencies, as well as the eventual shift to Airbus SAS in 2001, which saw a consolidation of the original consortium members and a reduction in overhead.


What are the main complimentary benefits within your consortium?

         You can manage (receive and share) technical and financial risks from very wide angle.

         You can maintain a balanced strategy that keep you well known.

         You can stay within the latest technological developments in several sectors.



About MD Consortium Knowledge

Our type of business is innovative, we do not follow the profession of others or their industries or the way they do business, we are provider of industries and services for everything as s unprecedented. We own our knowledge. As the global defense scene changes, our knowledge changes. as we evolve and invent smart systems that are smaller, more flexible, technologically advanced and compatible with users and operators who require excellence and change in continuously. We are developing strong technology in systems engineering, modeling and simulation, acquisition strategy, computer science, Cybersecurity, embedded software development, signal processing, sensor technologies, technology for mutual magnetic impact analysis on objects, and micro-gravity control authority. We design and manufacture everything within our field of work, as well as we can train the talented people and prepare them to work in all industrial and engineering disciplines for localizing the industry and its services and creating professional teams.


We are talented in designing and producing intelligent technologies as a standalone systems and solutions, that serve the needs of agencies of aviation, defense, intelligence, national security, counterterrorism, critical infrastructure, energy, oil, electricity, transportation, environment, migration and we focus on technologies that contribute to stability and complete security. We can invent all what we are looking for, through a talented experts, engineers and scientists in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and they form a group of disciplines that enable us to have deep knowledge and analytical understanding to support our work and partners within a wide and renewed scope. We design and produce several technologies, including the Unmanned aircraft, general aviation aircraft, aerospace systems, devices for early warning, monitoring solutions, acquisition and tracking remotely, special controllers and its electronic items, information technology systems, embedded software, cyber security solutions, renewable energy systems, autonomous systems, security printing technologies, microwave technologies, residential units provide independent living environment to survive with disasters, climate change and human displacement management technologies, as we work in our facilities working continuously 24 hours / 7 days for analyze and to studying the complex challenges in the Middle East, Asia and Africa and all the important zones, migration and humanitarian areas who can facing the displacement due to terrorism and conflicts.


Our Core of Work - Example

The regular armies in their combat against terrorism, gangs and organized crime, facing suffer great financial and moral losses. The regular armies have been set up to confront other regular armies. The world facing today the small wars and wars of attrition, a new kind of despicable confrontation which is the farthest from the awareness of the regular armies' and the farthest from fighting spirit enjoyed by regular armies. the governments train the regular armies' the fighting, so that the army does not target children, women, defenseless and the elderly. While the enemy-Terrorist mentally unstable and they are simply group of killers. exploit all the people's in front of them to make them a bridge to wining their battles and to stay alive and acquire all that it can obtain for the control and enslavement of society within their battlefield area. This type of wars (small wars and wars of attrition) need a standalone mobile production facility for the purpose of manufacturing and development all the smart and specialized technologies to deal with such wars and to create the superiority over the enemy, this must happen through the continuous monthly development for upgrades the technology capability in front of the development of crime. This is one type of the core work and specialty of MD consortium.