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About KMWSH International


KMWSH, Directors


• Khalid Aladwani (KMWSH KSA Branch Director), Security, Defense and Aerospace Projects, Strategic Marketing, Airforce Pilot, Flight Instructor, Army Aviation Advisor.


• Walid Alroomi (KMWSH Kuwait Branch Director), Communities & Government Projects, Strategic Business development, Airforce Pilot, Airline Pilot, Flight Instructor, Civil Aviation Advisor.


• Muayad Alsamaraee (Turkey & Netherlands KMWSH Branches Director), Chief innovation officer (CINO) - Chief technology innovation officer (CTIO). Technology Transfer Senior Expert. related to the Aircraft manufacturing Process and its quality standards. Strategic Innovation Senior Expert, within the sectors of Communities protection, Security, Defense and Aerospace Systems, National security Systems, law enforcement Systems, Intelligence Systems, ISR- Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Pilot. Flight Test after Production for Manned and Unmanned aircraft. Production, Test & Evaluation for the counter terrorism Systems.


• Dr. Sherif Salah Abdulaziz (KMWSH Egypt Branch Director), Chief Bio-innovation officer (CBIO), leading the program of the effects of Air Pollution on Human Health within the land, naval and Airborne manned platforms & command control Units. Humans who breathe in higher levels of pollutants face a greater risk of short-term respiratory infections and lung damage. He is also a Consultant of Bacteriology vet. Medicine Cairo university Holds a PhD degree in clinical pathology, Innovator of pharmaceutical products, awarded four patents of invention on novel Biological molecules for treatment of HCV Nd HIV.



Horizontal transfer is the movement of technologies from one area to another. Collaborative technologies relate to the notion of collaborative work systems which are conceived as any form of human organization that emerges any time that collaboration takes place, whether it is formal or informal, intentional or unintentional. Technology-Enabled Learning Opportunities. Technological development relates to really anything regarding inventions or innovations. Development is essentially the process that takes a product or idea from a hypothesis to a usable product.

We can help shape the revised strategy and funding plan and then run an internal corporate finance process to completion. We prefer to do this as part of the team, sharing fairly in your risks and rewards. Also, we can help you to do the technology transfer, also called transfer of technology (TOT), is the process of transferring (disseminating) technology from the places and ingroups of its origination to wider distribution among more people and places. Horizontal transfer is the movement of technologies from one area to another.

Technology transfer helps develop early stage intellectual property into tools for direct use by the research community, or into bases for new platforms, products, or services to be made into products for public use. Technology transfer, also called transfer of technology (TOT), is the process of transferring (disseminating) technology from the places and ingroups of its origination to wider distribution among more people and places. Technology isn’t only about coming up with new ideas – it also involves figuring out how to make those ideas work. The technology industry may be one of the most challenging, inspiring, and rewarding industries today. It’s hotbed for both recent graduates and experienced professionals – and in recent years, the industry has been growing and evolving at a rapid pace.

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KMWSH hold a centers for research and development in the field of smart systems, in addition to its coverage of investment activities in order to satisfy the needs of government institutions, armed forces, security forces and commercial markets in several countries, on the one hand, and international commercial institutions and markets on the other.

KMWSH represents an important opportunity to achieve many practical objectives such as developing scientific research and applied science and linking it to the needs of the internal market and foreign markets, and has gone a long way in developing and innovating products at the global level and has become a nucleus and industrial base that adopts security and defense projects and establishes companies with military and civilian products. Support the defense industries and open cooperation with scientific institutions to raise the level of scientific research and development. Aims to add new products and projects to meet the needs of the local and international markets of weapons and defense systems and modified mechanisms to meet the requirements and objectives of different uses in each of these markets.

KMWSH, is funded by an independent annual budget by its owners & Partners, in addition to the income generated through the technologies transfer of its products and investment in innovation and intellectual property. The company's mission is to harness science and technology to meet the needs of the communities in order to establish an industrial base in the countries. The company also works in research, design and development starting with user requirements and analyzing the nature of the potential need before starting to design the models on the computer and identifying the necessary technology, after which the start of the sample and prototype models and then move to the stage of quantitative and commercial production.

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KMWSH Intellectual Property Investments

After long-time of experience in managing and supporting technology programmes and projects, we are experts in technology transfer and open innovation, relevant to both public research institutions and corporations.

If you have underutilized or unregistered IP assets that you would like to work harder, or if you have strategic areas poorly served by in-house technology or IP, we can help develop your business.

As experienced executives and investors, KMWSH can also act as your strategic or funding partner, or interim executive manager. For example, if you see an opportunity to restructure, we can be your transaction support partner.



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What We Do

1)     Primary sector of industry (the raw materials industry)


2)     Secondary sector of industry (manufacturing and construction)


3)     Tertiary sector of industry (the "service industry")


4)     Quaternary sector of industry (intellectual services industry), within:


·        Transforming Patents to Business as a Technologies and/or projects, with a finance solution

·        IP sales and licensing

·        IP analysis and opinions

·        IP's and Patents


KMWSH, Sectors of Business

·        Aerospace

·        Defense

·        Space

·        Security

·        Community

·        Humanitarian

·        special tasks

·        UN Missions


Why Intellectual Property

Intellectual property represents an important financial and legal asset for companies, including startups. It is often estimated that intellectual property counts for more than 80% of company’s value. For investors, companies with solid intellectual property portfolio are attractive investment targets. Here are simple reasons why that is.


Intellectual property has no limit on its value

Unlike most asset classes, the value of intellectual property can increase indefinitely. If a company owns a factory, its value is fixed and, if anything, likely to depreciate in the future. A factory requires repairs, maintenance and renewal of machines, etc. Intellectual property protects whatever value there is in the company (brands, innovations, design), and contributes to its increase. The value of trademarks (which protects the brand) is largely determined on how well the company does. Many aspects of brand’s value can also be protected and captured through design registrations.  Patents can have significant intrinsic value that is not even dependent on the performance and perception of the company or its product on the market.

Good inventions that are protected by strong patents will be useful (and therefore valuable) at least to somebody, which brings us to the next point. In the conclusion, the value that we offer comes from a deep passion for innovation. We believe that to further the inventions that improve our lives, innovators must stand on the shoulders of giants to both honor the past and illuminate the future.


Intellectual property can be leveraged in many ways

Patent licensing does not even require a famous brand behind it, only that the technology (invention) is good and well protected. Intellectual property portfolio can also be used as collateral for obtaining different types of financing. When money is invested in creating and protecting intellectual property, there is a good chance that those investments can be recouped in many ways. Intellectual property can also be sold like other property.

References of Business

·        Future Horizon (aircraft manufacturing Facility with products technologies)

·        JAI – Jordan Aerospace Industries (manufacturing Facility with products technologies)