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King Opens Factory of Jordan Aerospace industries

18 February 2004

His Majesty king Abdullah opened on Wednesday aircraft factory affiliated to Jordan Aerospace Industries (JAI) in its site at Queen Alia International Airport.

JAI was founded in 2001 in Jordan, because Jordan has a strong foundation for stability and security that is essential for tremendous economic growth in the aviation sector. JAI is a pioneer in introducing a new dimension to the aviation in the Middle East, the project is the first of its kind in region manufacture, assemble aircraft for training, aerial photography, search and rescue, sports and recreational activities and patrol and surveillance. 

The first stage of the project reached a total cost of JD30 million. (Evaluation Reports)

   King Opens Factory of Jordan Aerospace industries

   Thanks and Appreciation letter to Jordan Aerospace Industries (JAI) From KADDB 2009 With Article

   King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB)

About Jordan Aerospace Industries

Jordan Aerospace Industries (JAI), was established in 2001 as an individual corporate and then turned into a limited liability company in 2002, JAI's obtained a concession of (private free zone – inside Queen Alia int. airport - Amman). (JAI) production of aircraft started in 2003 (preceded by preparations that lasted 5 years) JAI aircraft industry continued from May2002 - May2012 in Jordan (the first phase of industry). The Know-how (Aircraft production technology) transferred from Canada to Jordan.

(JAI) industrial facilities were officially inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan, since 18.2.2004, His Majesty the King welcomed the project work and His Majesty ordered by allowing (JAI) to execute the military industries. A strategic partnership was formed between KADDB and JAI in 2004. JAI-KADDB partnership within Jordan Advanced Remote Systems LLC was established by Royal Decree, Specialized company in the Design, manufacture and development of unmanned vehicles and UAV's in the Jordan.

New Government Industrial Policies in Jordan - Since May2012

Since May2012, (JAI – Jordan Aerospace Industries) faced from (CARC) and (AIG) of Jordan, since the Jordanian Aviation Law changed to follow the European law instead of the US aviation in May 2012. CARC stopped our aircraft certificates and production licenses in our factory at QAIA, due to actions taken by the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commissions. We believe at JAI that (CARC) responsible for all damages Caused by them in front of Jordan Aerospace Industries. (JAI) losses at a minimum 50 million US dollars because of (CARC). (Reference1).

Since May2012, to 2015 the Jordanian government policies closed nearly 1500 factories and displaced many industrial investors to other bordering countries. (Reference2).Related to Al-Rai newspaper of Jordan, the Jordanian government's economic policies, which have led to many important economic sectors, notably the industrial sector, have caused the end of some 1600 factories, the suspension of many production lines and the displacement of many industrial investors to near countries, according to industrialists and officials in the sector. The competitive power that the national industry enjoyed locally and externally as in the past as a result of the loading of these factories is no longer an operational cost than its counterparts in The neighboring countries and the imported industries, which made the investors of these factories unable to continue in light of the increasing government policy of raising electricity prices, raising taxes, As well as weak protection measures imposed by the government to protect the national industry as well as signing trade agreements that are not in the interest of the national industry.